Elevators and Grain Buyers


​This page is dedicated to providing information and assistance to CCGA-authorized grain elevators and other grain buyers.



 Account Login FAQs

Will my old CCGA email address and password work in the new account lookup system?
Individuals who have an existing login from the previous CCGA account lookup system can continue to use those credentials. However, you must use a valid company email address that includes your company domain name.
What is a valid email address?
A valid email address for purposes of accessing account lookup features must include your company’s domain name. For example, sally.jones @yourcompanyname.ca includes a company domain name and would be considered a valid email address. Personal email addresses such as sallyjones@gmail.com or sallyjones@telus.net will not be accepted.
What happens if I forgot my existing password?
If you have forgotten your password, enter you email address and select “I forgot my password”. From that page you will be given instructions on how to reset your password.
I am a new user. How do I set up a new login account?
Individuals who do not have an online account with CCGA, can set up a new account from the account login page. Here’s how to set up a new account:
Click on “Create New Grain Elevator Account”
Step 1 of 4: Enter a valid company email address (i.e. sally.jones@yourcompanyname.ca). Personal email addresses will not be accepted (i.e. sallyjones@gmail.com or sallyjones@telus.net).
Step 1 of 4: Enter your company’s CCGA Access Code. If you currently do not know your company’s Access Code, you can obtain that information from your company’s Access Code Administrator. When complete select “Next” page.
Step 2 of 4: Enter your first and last name.  When complete select “Next” page.
Step 3 of 4: Create and verify an account password. When complete select “Next” page.
Step 4 of 4: Verify your account information, and then select “Create Account”.
You will receive an email verifying that your account has been created, giving you immediate access to the online account lookup features.
The login setup is asking me for my CCGA Company Access Code. Where can I find that information?
All of CCGA’s authorized grain buyers/elevators have been assigned a corporate Access Code, which is required for staff to obtain access to CCGA’s account lookup features. Please contact your company’s Access Code Administrator to obtain further details.
I have additional questions about my account login. Who can I contact at CCGA for further information?
For additional inquiries, please send and email to mereno@ccga.ca
Where can I find information on the account lookup features for elevators?
Additional information about using CCGA’s account lookup features are included inside the secure portion of CCGA’s website. You will have access to that information once you have successfully logged into the system.

 Online Account Lookup

Authorized grain buyers can now access CCGA’s account lookup features through a secure portal. Existing online account holders can use the "Login" button at the top right-hand corner of this screen. Additional information about how to set up a new account appears in the Account Login FAQs on this page.
Have specific account-related questions? Call 1-866-745-2256 or email us at balance@ccga.ca

 Using APP ID Numbers

Authorized buyer account searches, both online and telephone, require an Advanced Payments Program identification number (APP ID), which can be found on any correspondence that the producer has received from CCGA (cheque stubs, letters, account statements, producer’s online account), or a CCGA Application Number (CCGA No.).
CCGA cash advance account holders are reminded to have their APP ID accessible for all transactions related to their cash advance, including applying for an advance, calling in to ask questions about their advance, or requesting an authorized grain buyer or elevator to submit a repayment to CCGA on their behalf. 

 Producer Options for Repayment


​Farmers who have an outstanding cash advance with CCGA can remit payment using one of two options:

  1. They can request an authorized buyer/elevator to submit a repayment on their behalf. These repayments must be received by CCGA within 30 days of the sale.
  2. They can submit a repayment directly to CCGA within 7 days of the sale or 45 days from the date of delivery, whichever come first, along with supporting sales documentation such as a cash ticket.