Agriculture Policy Development and Advocacy


CCGA represents the interests of canola farmers on national and international issues and policies that affect the profitability of canola. Through its research on policy alternatives and advocacy, CCGA’s policy team works to affect change on behalf of Canada’s 43,000 canola growers.  CCGA advocates for grower interests through direct representation to parliamentarians, legislators, and government officials.




​We collaborate with our member and allied associations:


Allied Associations

Representing Farmers

​CCGA also represents farmers’ interests on a number of committees and working groups including: 


  Advocacy at Work

Grain logistics:

In the last two years, CCGA has been very active in seeking improvements for grain movement. CCGA advocated directly with parliamentarians on Bill C-30 The Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act and has filed a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency on rail service. See Rick White’s interview with BNN on the situation and our response.

Rising Demand for Canola:

Want to know about the farmgate impact of rising demand for canola, how leaders can manage through change, and the future of Canada's grains and oilseed sector? Watch as FCC interviews Rick White, CEO of CCGA.


Growing with Canola:

In this episode of Growing with Canola, Rick White explains CCGA's role in national policy development and advocacy, including changes to the Canada Grain Commission and improvements in rail service.