Biodiesel & Bioproducts

Policy Statement: The Canadian Canola Growers Association supports the development of effective policies that encourage the production and use of biodiesel and bio-products derived from Canadian canola.​

 Canola Biodiesel Working Group

CCGA, Canola Council of Canada, ACPC, SaskCanola and MCGA formed the Canola Biodiesel Working Group in 2013. The two goals of the Working Group are to:
  • To support and defend the existing mandates across the western provinces and, as may be needed, in Ottawa, Ontario and Quebec
  • To increase renewable diesel mandates in Canada over time to ensure a higher tonnage, secure domestic market for canola
The Working Group policy platform has three pillars:
  1. Incrementally increase biodiesel renewable fuel standards (RFS) to 5% by 2020,
  2. Adopt carbon performance thresholds of at least 50%, and
  3. Require supply chain accountability.

High Quality Feedstock

Biodiesel is a renewable substitute for petroleum diesel fuel that is produced from feedstocks such as canola oil.  Canola makes an excellent feedstock in the production of biodiesel because of its high oil content and low levels of saturated fat. Its unique oil profile produces a biodiesel with improved cold flow properties allowing it to perform better in cold temperatures. 


 Canadian Biodiesel Mandate


​​The Government of Canada mandated the use of 2% biodiesel in most Canadian diesel and heating fuel on July 1, 2011. The benefits to Canadians, the environment and the rural economy are substantial, potentially creating new jobs in rural areas and new demand for canola. The 2% mandate requires that approximately 600 million litres of biodiesel be blended with diesel fuel, which translates to 1 million tonnes of canola demand for Canadian farmers. Further information can be found here.


In 2013, amendments were proposed to the Renewable Fuels Regulation that would a) exempt biodiesel from a mandatory 2% inclusion rate in heating oil, and b) extend an exemption from the 2% inclusion rate to the Maritimes. CCGA opposed the amendments


Ontario Provincial Biodiesel Mandate

Ontario implemented a renewable diesel mandate (“Greener Diesel”), which took effect April 1, 2014.   CCGA provided input into the consultation phase with this submission.