Policy Statement: The Canadian Canola Growers Association supports the science of biotechnology as it pertains to crop science. CCGA maintains that growers must be able to participate in the development of regulations for the control of the development and marketing of the products of biotechnology, and that these regulations must remain science-based.​

 Science-Based System

Modern plant breeding and innovative new seed varieties are essential for the future success and competiveness of canola growers.  A strong science-based regulatory framework provides growers access to new seed varieties, plant breeders an investment environment that favours innovation and consumers the confidence in the food they consume.

The CCGA is a strong proponent of Canada’s current science-based regulatory system, and believes that science should form the basis of new product registration and any public policy relating to crops produced through the science of biotechnology.

 Market Access

CCGA works to ensure open market access for biotechnology products, including the implementation of workable low level presence solutions and the promotion of science-based, synchronized approvals.

 Sharing Our Story


We are proud of the canola success story, and have a role in sharing it! The CCGA works to promote awareness of modern agriculture practices, including the role biotechnology plays in canola production. We provide factual information, with the view of enhancing consumers’ knowledge of canola production and the role producers play in ensuring a safe, healthy and environmentally-sustainable food supply.

Watch License to Farm

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Consumers are increasingly curious about where their food comes from. They want to learn from the people who grow their food, yet many farmers feel out of place having those conversations.

The License to Farm documentary is aimed at empowering farmers to join the conversation about how food is produced. It's designed to give farmers the tools and information they need to be effective advocates for Canadian agriculture - by engaging in meaningful conversations, opening the doors to their livelihood, and building trust with their communities.

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