Crop Inputs

Policy Statement: The Canadian Canola Growers Association supports the harmonization of International pesticide regulations and maximum residue limits.​




​CCGA supports the current pesticide registration process in Canada.  We work closely with other organizations, including the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, to ensure that grower interests are considered in all policy issues related to pesticides and that harmonization with the U.S. remains a priority.

 GROU Program


The Grower’s Own Use Program ​is administered by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.  It allows farmers to import the U.S. version of Canadian registered products. GROU products must be purchased and imported by growers for their own use on their land, and for that growing season only. CCGA is a member of the GROU nomination committee charged with selecting candidate products for consideration by PMRA on an annual basis. 

For more information on GROU click here.
If you would like to discuss potential nominations for the GROU program, please click here to send and email to CCGA.


Nominate a product for GROU - The Grower Requested Own Use program allows farmers to import the U.S. version of Canadian registered crop protection product in the event there is price discrepancy in the market. The GROU nomination committee is meets annually to nominate crop protection products for import. The product must be registered in Canada to be eligible for the program. Send an email here or phone 204-789-8815 if you have suggestions about products that should be nominated.