Environment & Sustainability

Policy Statement: The Canadian Canola Growers Association supports efforts directed at protecting Canadian agricultural production in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.



 Working Together


The Canadian Round Table for Sustainable Crops (CRSC) was formed in 2014 to bring together crop sector members to coordinate and communicate sustainability initiatives and projects.  CCGA participates in round table meetings and works on the Canadian Field Print Initiative which reports to the round table.


Bees and Canola

Canola is the ideal habitat and food source for honey bees and bees help improve canola yields through pollination.  Watch the following videos:

1. Canola & Bees - A Sweet Relationship

Learn more about the mutually beneficial relationship between these industries.

Past CCGA President Todd Hames spoke at the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry on the importance of bees and bee health.  His testimony can be found here.


 Measuring Sustainability

In the quickly developing area of sustainability and food, retailers are trying to communicate the sustainability of their products to their customers. CCGA is working to ensure that the evolving systems reflect Canada's agronomic systems and acknowledge farmers for their sustainability production advances.

CCGA is a participant in the Canadian Field Print Initiative, which researched and measured on-farm environmental indicators such as soil loss, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy use. 
View report here.

The group is also developing a farm level calculator to measure environmental indicators which could help farmers find efficiencies in their operations.  The latest version of the calculator can be found here.