International Trade

Policy Statement: The Canadian Canola Growers Association supports trade liberalization.​

 Trans-Pacific Partnership

A successful conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could reduce key trade barriers and increase demand for canola into the fast-growing Asia Pacific region.

Read this CCGA editorial for further information on the growth opportunities TPP presents Canadian canola farmers.


Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
CETA represents a significant opportunity for canola growers. Listen to how this landmark trade agreement can expand market opportunities and enhance Canada’s trading relationship with the European Union.

CCGA testimony at Standing Committee on Agriculture November 2013.



Japan is one of Canada’s longest customers of canola. CCGA CEO, Rick White, appeared before the Standing Committee on International Trade to discuss the importance of the Japanese market for canola growers and the benefits of an expanding our partnership.
CCGA testimony at Standing Committee on International Trade May 2012.

South Korea

The January 1, 2015 implementation of the Canada-South Korea Free Trade Agreement levels the playing field for Canadian canola farmers, and provides a platform to further expand market opportunities. See press release.


 Keep It Clean!


Canadian growers export 90% of their canola as seed, oil or meal to 55 markets worldwide. To remain competitive, our practices at home must align with the requirements of our customer markets. Canola Council of Canada's Keep It Clean program outlines simple steps to ensure our markets remain open and your canola is ready for export.

Growers are advised not to use herbicides containing the active ingredient quinclorac in 2016. China, one of our largest trading partners, has yet to establish a MRL. For more information on alternative options to manage cleavers and on what is being done to secure Chinese approvals, visit the Canola Council of Canada or SaskCanola.

Low Level Presence

CCGA works to ensure unimpeded market access for biotechnology products, including the implementation of workable Low Level Presence (LLP) solutions and the promotion of science-based synchronized approvals.


The CCGA is an active member of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA)– a coalition of national and regional organizations that advocate for a more open and fair international trading environment for agriculture and agri-food.