​Policy Statement: The Canadian Canola Growers Association supports the right of Canadian growers to choose where and how to market their canola.​

 Policy Components

  • Support efforts that increase marketing flexibility for growers so they may take full advantage of marketing opportunities as they arise.
  • Advocate for a regulatory environment that encourages Canadian value-added processing of canola.
  • Advocate for an open, transparent, commercial, and competitive canola marketing environment with clear commodity price signals between customers and growers.

Grain Contracts

Know what’s in your grain contract. Read A Practical Guide to Navigate Grain Contracts. (Check back soon for a more in-depth Guide to Grain Contracts.) 


 Grading Know-How


The grade and dockage you receive for your canola directly affefcts your bottom line. Read Boost Your Grading Know-How to Benefit Your Bottom Line to help you get the most value for your crop.




 Proposed Changes to Grain Act

Read CCGA's submission about proposed changes to the Canada Grain Act and modernization of the Canadian Grain Commission, including operating under a cost-recovery model.