​Policy Statement: The Canadian Canola Growers Association supports the right of Canadian growers to choose where and how to market their canola.​



A Practical Guide to Grain Contracts

Knowing what’s in your grain contract is just as important as knowing what’s not in your grain contract. With the goal of assisting growers in contract negotiation and interpretation, CCGA collected contracts from the major purchasers of grain and prepared this summary of common clauses used in grain marketing contracts. 

Here's Cheryl Mayer, Director of Policy Development at CCGA, appearing on Farmgate to talk about the guide and what farmers need to know about their grain contracts. <more>

Non-acceptance of contracted grain

As of August 1, 2014, all grain marketing contracts, with a stipulated time frame, must contain a provision to compensate farmers for grain not accepted within the defined delivery terms. This requirement was put in place to address farmers' concerns with grain buyers not accepting grain within their contract terms. For more information, click here.

Short Situation: What to consider if production comes up short on a deferred delivery contract

Adverse weather conditions and corresponding crop losses can place farmers in a difficult contract position. As part of an going initiative to help farmers get the best value for their crop, CCGA investigated possible options for farmers who find themselves in a "short situation" with their deferred delivery contracts. <more>

 Grading Know-How


The grade and dockage you receive for your canola directly affects your bottom line. Read Boost Your Grading Know-How to Benefit Your Bottom Line to help you get the most value for your crop.




 Modernizing the Canadian Grain Commission

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is the government agency responsible for establishing and maintaining grain quality standards and ensuring Canada’s international reputation for consistent and reliable grain quality is upheld.  The CGC has evolved, and continues to look at ways to further streamline its operations. 

Click below to read about proposed changes to the Canada Grain Act and other CGC modernization initiatives, including operating under a cost-recovery model.

Component Pricing

Component pricing has been an active topic of conversation at many farm meetings during the past year. To encourage a broader dialogue on the issue, CCGA prepared a fact sheet that discusses many issues related to component pricing, including the benefits and downsides as well as examples from other jurisdications. <more>