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Survey Results Show Strong Farmer Support for Biodiesel

February 28, 2011CCGA Press Release

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Winnipeg, MB  --  Canadian canola and soybean farmers strongly support the development of a domestic biodiesel industry that utilizes Canadian-grown feedstocks. The findings from a survey of more than 300 canola and soybean farmers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario were released this week by AgCall Inc.

“Canola is an export dependent crop,” says Rick White, General Manager of the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA). “As production continues to expand, we must invest in developing domestic markets like canola biodiesel, which reduce marketing risks for farmers and generate economic growth for rural communities.” The survey confirmed this view and found that overwhelmingly (87 percent) canola and soybean farmers support using Canadian-grown canola and soybeans in the production of biodiesel. In addition, 90 percent agree that increased demand for canola and soybean created by biodiesel would benefit Canadian farmers.

Farmers are very knowledgeable about the national biofuels strategy, with two-thirds having an awareness of the national two percent Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for biodiesel. “The survey also expressed farmers’ expectation for national leadership in building a home-grown biodiesel industry,” says White. Eighty-one percent of farmers expressed support for a national renewable strategy that included using canola and soybean in the production of biodiesel in Canada.

“Farmers clearly want the government to continue on its path for developing a renewable fuel strategy that is good for our environment, good for our economy and good for our farms,” says White. “While the national RFS is a good first-step, we also want to see biodiesel plants built right here in Canada.”

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