Canadian Canola Growers Association

Risk Management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every farmer deals with different types and levels of risk – whether it’s flooding, hail, insects, weeds, prices, or markets – farmers need to have a “toolbox” to manage risk before it affects their farm. 

At CCGA, we want these toolboxes to come with choice; a farmer should have a variety of risk management tools available that work for the demands of their farm. This way, they can build a strategy that works for their individual operation.​

CCGA’s policy development efforts in risk management currently focus on the following:​

Canola Margin Insurance

CCGA is researching new risk management tools to provide farmers with more options in managing the many risks affecting their farms. One potential new product is Canola Margin Insurance. CCGA continues to consult with farmers on this insurance, and whether it fits their risk management needs.

Agriculture Policy Framework

Federal and provincial governments recognize the importance of helping farmers manage risk through important programs such as AgriInsurance, AgriInvest,​ and AgriStability. CCGA is in the process of consulting with its members about these and other risk management tools to better understand what farmers want to see included in the government’s next Agriculture Policy Framework.